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The only lonely girl

  Det näst sista avsnittet i serien om låtskrivare, som även publicerat poesi, handlar om den provokativa amerikanska sångerskan Lydia Lunch.

Lydia Lunch


  Hon föddes som Lydia Anne Koch i Rochester, New York, 1959. Smeknamnet "Lydia Lunch" fick hon av Willy DeVille när hon stal lunchmat från hans band.

  Debutalbumet "Queen of Siam" som släpptes 1980 har fått en enorm kultstatus, även om det inte blev någon kommersiell framgång. Källa: Wikipedia

  Från albumet hämtar jag ett av de mildare spåren.

Lady Scarface, performed by Lydia Lunch
(Text & Musik: Lydia Lunch. Label: ZE Records, 1980.)

We had a date
12th street at eight
If you're done I'll be there don't be late
Instructed as such
Without a soft touch
If it would've mattered it didn't too much
I waited for you a minute or two
Well just what kind of a girl do you think I am

Fumbing around a cigarette
Smoked it to the ash and then lit up again
Blowing smoke rings
Blinding the air
If you're comin baby you're just two in a rears
I'm too impatient and you're just too late
My attention span is just not that great

Then this young kinda guy walked right on by me
I couldn't have been more than sixteen
It's just nothing I can do you gotta understand
You see, he had this walk
I mean, down and
No he wasn't going my direction so I just kinda turned an eye
I had to I was really possessed
I mean, I wasn't myself

I was so close
I crept like a cat
Visions of seduction lurking under my hat
He was so young
Such innocense
If I had control I didn't feel any yet
I couldn't be heard
Not a sound did I make
If this is the real thing there's just no need to fake

So now was the time
The crucial 8th mile
If I had to do it it would be with a smile
A tap on his back
A slip on my belt
He turned around and I knew that the ground would melt
I put on the ice
The smile was gone
Hey baby, and the rest


  Ett av hennes mer framgångsrika album är Smoke in the Shadows (2004). På den plattan finns den låt jag gillar mest bland hennes produktioner. Jag tar med den även om hon förmodligen mest bidrog med musikdelen. 

Blame, performed by Lydia Lunch
(Upphov: Adele Bertei, Tommy Grenas, Lydia Lunch, Len Del Rio. Label: Breakin Beats, 2004.)

I gotta let you go
Watch you walk away
Never meant to hurt you
Or to cause you more pain
I gotta let you go
And as a cruel as it seems
Didn't want to tie you down
Just to keep you with me

Used to live in heaven
Drown in your blue black eyes
Melt into the night sky, evaporate the hours
Lose ourselves and find each other
In a place that we could not name
Return to Earth to set the clock
Now that everything has changed

I gotta let you go
Watch you walk away
Didn't want to lose you
To these dangerous games
I gotta let you go
Don't ask me to stay
Never meant to hurt you
Or to cause you more pain

Dry your eyes, please, don'cry
I know we're both to blame
It broke my heart when you lost my mind
And fell victim to this dangerous game

Gotta let you go
Watch you walk away
Didn't meant to hurt you
Or to cause you more pain
I gotta let you go
And as a cruel as it seems
Didn't wanna tie you down
Just to keep you with me


  Lydia Lunch har varit inblandad i flera olika bokprojekt. Ett av dem är Adulterers Anonymous, ett samarbete med Exene Cervenka, som består av en sorts poetisk dialog om kärlek, svek och förtryck. Den första delen utkom 1982 och den andra publicerades år 2000. Från den förstnämnda ger jag er ...

(From Adulterers Anonymous, by Lydia Lunch and Exene CervenkaNew York : Grove Press, 1982.)


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