tisdag 25 april 2017

Wheeled winner of round 2

  Poem of the week, round 2. Förra året tyckte jag att Times Literary Supplements urval hade lite väl hög akademisk svansföring. I år har de faktiskt chockerat mig på ett positivt sätt. 

  Nedanstående dikt av den nyligen blogg-omskrivne X.J. Kennedy publicerades av TLS i januari. I min genomgång fick dikten full pott.

  Ställningen efter två omgångar:

Times Literary Supplement, 4 poäng
The Guardian, 3 poäng
Griffin Poetry Prize, 3 poäng
Vallum Magazine, 3 poäng
Inpress Books, 2 poäng
Vinyl Poetry & Prose, 0 poäng


At a low mass for two hot-rodders, by X.J. Kennedy

(From Cross ties : selected poems. Athens : University of Georgia Press, 1985.)

Sheeted in steel, embedded face to face,
They idle in a feelingless embrace,
The only ones at last who had the nerve
To crash head-on, not chicken out and swerve.
Inseparable, in one closed car they roll
Down the stoned aisle and on out to a hole,
Wheeled by the losers: six of fledgling beard,
Black-jacketed and glum, who also steered
Toward absolute success with total pride,
But, inches from it, felt, and turned aside.


  Den kanadensiska poeten Jane Munro har skrivit en diktsvit om sitt liv med en alzheimer-drabbad make. De omtalade dikterna finns med i diktsamlingen Blue Sonoma (2014).
  En av texterna utsågs till veckans dikt hos Griffin Poetry Prize i slutet av januari.

Old man vacanas (extract), by Jane Munro
(From Blue Sonoma. London, Ontario : Brick Books, 2014.)


The old man who picks up the phone
does not get your message.

Call again.
Please call again.

The cats leave squirrel guts
on the Tibetan rug.
Augury I cannot read.

You’ve got to talk with me.
I scrape glistening coils
into a dust pan,
spit on drops of blood and spray ammonia.

The blood spreads into the white wool.

I am so sick of purring beasts.

Don’t tempt me, old man.
Today I have four arms
and weapons in each hand.

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