fredag 14 april 2017

Långfredag i varglyan

  Bloggens långfredag går så klart i bluesens tecken. Det blir en Kansaskvinna med stuns i stämman. Om ni har lust kan ni leta upp hennes Purple Rain-tolkning hos Youtube. Här och nu får ni tre spår från hennes solodebut. Danielle Nicole är hennes artistnamn.


  [Danielle Nicole (born Danielle Nicole Schnebelen) is an American blues /soul musician from Kansas City, Missouri, United States. Her self-titled solo debut EP was released March 10, 2015 via Concord Records. The self-titled EP features Grammy Award-winning producer-guitarist Anders Osborne, Galactic's co-founding drummer Stanton Moore and keyboardist Mike Sedovic.

  Danielle Nicole was previously in the band Trampled Under Foot with her brothers Kris and Nick Schnebelen. At the 2014 Blues Music Awards, Trampled Under Foot's album, Badlands, won the 'Contemporary Blues Album of the Year' category. At the same ceremony, Danielle Nicole, under the name of Danielle Schnebelen, triumphed in the 'Best Instrumentalist – Bass' category.

  In September 2015, her debut album, Wolf Den, was released on Concord Records. It reached number 2 in the Billboard Top Blues Albums chart in October that year.]
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Wolf den, performed by Danielle Nicole

(Album: Wolf den. Concord Records, 2015.)

There's this place I know
Don't many go
Say if you stay too long
Your gonna lose your soul
Old beat up shack
Down by the tracks
Hidden at the end of a long and a winding path
Just come to the bar
They don't care who you are
Say welcome to the Wolf den
Come on in.
Ah ooooooo
Welcome to the Wolf den
What's your sin
There's a lady in red
Comes up to you and says
Honey I been watching and you look like
you could us a friend
I've got the fix
To get your kicks
You wanna little taste of what I got here
in my bag of tricks
You turn down the path
You can't wait to get back
Singing hey there in the Wolfden
can I come on in.
Ah ooooo
Hey there in the Wolfden
Let me in.
Ah oooooh
Let me in.

When the light of the sun
Says the night is done
And your stumbling down the path
On your long and lonely journey home
You're on your own
Gets you to the bone.
Still you can't stop thinking
When your back down that road.
You be howling for more
Scratching at the door
Tell you welcome to the Wolfden
Where you been. Ah yeah
Welcome to the Wolfden
Honey what's your sin.
Ah oooooo
Oh welcome to the Wolfden
Scratching and scratching at the door.
Yes you are.
Ah oooooo



Take it all, performed by Danielle Nicole
(Album: Wolf den. Concord Records, 2015.)

Just take it all
Don't leave anything
I can't take the memories and all the pain that it would bring
If you leave me, please don't get my heart

I gave you all the love I had to give
If you take it, please take it all

Take my heart, don't leave it behind
I can't have all your loving on my mind
I said, take it, please, take it all

Just take it all
Don't leave anything
I can't the loneliness and all the pain that it brings
I said, take it, take it all
I said take it, please, take it all


You only need me when you're down, performed by Danielle Nicole
(Album: Wolf den. Concord Records, 2015.)

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