onsdag 17 februari 2016

Hear him harmonize

  Om veckans åttiotalist har jag hört mer om hans verk än om honom själv. Han är främst musiker och har skapat sig ett namn inom musiken. På senaste albumet kallar han sig för "Behaving".  Jag har läst Idiot verse av Keaton Henson.


Duvet dancing, by Keaton Henson
(from Idiot verse. Eyewear Pub, 2015.)

selfless lovers may stare at clouds
and whisper prose in soft, clean ears
but I selfish itch and dream and hear
of you and I dancing in duvets my dear

listen, white rabbit, Brooklyn-bound
care, care less, come care for me
I live restless all for thee
come, let's be normal, I'll make tea

I lay still sick, ill of chairs
restless is as restless seems
limbs frenetic, swarms of bees
unable to finish movies

From Springmaid bedding

longing for you, in longer hours
knowing you still live in daylight
preemptively I sit and write
of all our duvet dancing nights


  I mellanakten bjuder jag er på ett musikstycke av Keaton Henson. Jag tycker om hans musik. Jag är inte lika överväldigad av den rim-tyngda poesin i Idiot verse.


Louise (two stanzas), by Keaton Henson
(from Idiot verse. Eyewear Pub, 2015.)

Louise lives in heaven
her kindly voice ringing through wood panelled walls
out of the window
down through the valley
and mingles in forests with fox calls

I play piano
the notes harmonising with hissing of snow
passing through woods
over the roads
mixing with tunes from a decade ago



  Bäst tycker jag han lyckas i den avslutande, lätt repetitiva dikten, "To". 

To, by Keaton Henson
(from Idiot verse. Eyewear Pub, 2015.)

to plant flowers
and leave, never to see the grow
to pretend to pretend you're important
but secretly feel that you are
to sleep reluctantly
and believe the hours will miss you
to wake grudgingly
and believe the day has nothing for you
to never dance
and envy those who do
to eat with friends and lovers
to eat alone and taste nothing
to swim
in lonely self importance
to count
to two
and then lose your temper
to be yourself
knowing you do it the best

to live
to pretend you're not dying

to die
and be carried away on the wind

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