onsdag 16 juli 2014

Svårt att bryta den Iberiska länken

Andra tävlingsdagen av heat 2 i PSTC 2014 höll mycket hög kvalitet. För första gången fick samtliga sju dikter språkpoäng.
Full poäng (11) gav jag till Gabriel Aresti, Lag Baskien, för verserna ur dikten "Let's break the chain". Följ länken för att läsa hela dikten. Den är fylld med sentenser och ironiska sidospår.
Because I am a poet,
I don't expect any heaven.
I have nine songs,
Four serious and five crazy.

Fyra språkpoäng fick även Jóanes Nielsen, Lag Färöarna, för versen ur  "Jeg vil have ordentlige drömme". Raden, som i norsk översättning lyder ...
"Ordene skal springe som gnister i defekte kontakter.", är värd att stryka under.

Galicien och Baskien delar ledningen efter två dagar.

Lag Innehåll Språk Day 2 Total Heat 2
Galicien 6 1 7 14
Baskien 7 4 11 14
Yorkshire 3 2 5 13
Dublin 4 2 6 12
Puerto Rico 1 1 2 10
Harlem 2 1 3 10
Färöarna 5 4 9 10


Tredje dagen är temat för dikterna: Tid eller Ögonblick

GALICIEN : from Charenton / Chus Pato

and now the panopticon is a ruin

but never mind for i can imagine the landscape however i want
if a desert, it’ll be a tell
if rich with vegetation, wisteria will grow over the buildings
if in Antarctica, it’ll be a phantasmagoria of ice

some folks (working women, crazies, schoolchildren, poets) still live there, they don’t realize no one guards them

for in times of plenitude, systems of domination don’t pay attention any more to populations, it’s not their job to feed them


HARLEM : "Crave Radiance" / Elizabeth Alexander

One week later in the strange
exhilaration after Lucille's death

our eyes were bright as we received instructions,
lined up with all we were supposed to do.

Now seers, now grace notes, now anchors, now tellers,
now keepers and spreaders, now wide open arms,

the cold wind of generational shift
blew all around us, stinging our cheeks,

awakening us to the open space
now everywhere surrounding.


BASKIEN : May / Kirmen Uribe

Come with me, I want to change nations,
Change towns. Leave this body aside
And go into a shell with you,
With our smallness, like sea snails.
Come, I’m waiting for you,
We’ll continue the story that ended a year ago,
As if inside the white birches next to the river
Not a single additional ring had grown.


FÄRÖARNA : ur Blodpröver (dansk översättning) / Toroddur Poulsen

Just da
han skulle saette sig for att skrive
om den store betydning
det har for filosofien at sidde i dage
ja uger
og glo ud i luften
bad hun honom gå ned
at köbe maelk og bröd
og tage affaldsposen med.


PUERTO RICO : Time Zones / Victor Hernández Cruz

Time is crying upon the backs of lizards,
Through the white stone of the medieval city
They dash.
The houses that are walking up the stairs,
Flowers out of ruins,
Further into the fortress,
The sounds of a language registers
In our dreams.
Words which are my hat in the city,
Coming through the bamboo
The shadows of lost meaning—
Tilted light making slivers
Through the forest of the mambo
Behind the eyes.


YORKSHIRE : from The Thought Fox / Ted Hughes

I imagine this midnight moment’s forest:
Something else is alive
Beside the clock’s loneliness
And this blank page where my fingers move.


DUBLIN : The Approaches / Harry Clifton

A childless, futureless road
And then nothing. . . Is that it?
Or start believing in a God
Beyond the temporal limit

Of westering skies, wide, melancholy,
Uncut fields and paced-out walls
As we drive towards it slowly,
The house that has us both in thrall.

They are gone, now, the hours of light
It took to get here. Might-have-beens,
Lost wanderyears. But that's alright—
We are trading it in, the seen

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