onsdag 30 juli 2014

Hängivet ledarlag

Efter andra rundan av heat 4 ökade Lag Sachsen sin ledning med en poäng. De har nu två poängs marginal till Lag Sussex som ligger på 2:a plats. 

Sjupoängaren i omgången gick till Jude Stéfan, Lag Normandie, för diktfragmentet "They go heads bowed". Men högst totalpoäng tilldelades Claire Booker, Lag Sussex, för sin fantastiska skulpturmonolog. Medan språkligan toppades av Clea Roberts, Lag Yukon. Hennes formulering slog rot hos mig.

And love, it waits in the cupboard
with the potatoes
its eyes exploding with flowers.

Team Content Language Day 2 Total
Sachsen (Saxony, Germany) 4 3 7 16
Sussex (in England) 6 3 9 14
Yukon (in Canada) 1 4 5 13
Normandie (Normandy, France) 7 1 8 11
Rogaland (in Norway) 3 0 3 11
Själland (Zealand, Denmark) 5 0 5 8
Jamaica 2 0 2 3

Friedenspark in Leipzig


Tredje dagen tar vi sikte på Språktemat.

ROGALAND : from A human being is here / Jon Fosse

But it is 
in all past and it is in all future
and it is
in something 
that doesn’t exist
in its vanishing border
between what has been
and what shall come 
It is infinite and without distance
in the same movement 
It clears up 
and disappears
and remains
while it disappears


SJÄLLAND : from collection Shaken Mirror / Sören Ulrik Thomsen

The radio has picked up a distant station 
where a chorus of children 
in a language that must be Russian 
reads something that must be poetry 
and could sound like a translation 
of the poem I've always dreamed of writing.


YUKON : from Suskwa / Jamella Hagen

as young animals we made it
through the burning cold to the other side,
to the beaver ponds where we balanced
on wet logs and swam until our lips
were the colour of saskatoons.

On the way back, our muscles
awkward from the cold, words
mangled by freezing cheeks, we laughed
because we couldn't speak, because we
didn't need to, bushwacked back
to our clothes, which we could hardly
put on, then shivered our way
up the trail to stand wringing our hair
by the hot wood stove, telling stories


NORMANDIE : Sonnet 8 (from One hundred million million poems) / Raymond Queneau

So now the bard spurns iambs and trochees
to aggravate the layman and the shmo
he writes reviews that read like journalese
which freshens up the tribal rumbelow
Just one was right and not those SOBs
the mob demands that verse be comme il faut
both are right not that vague congeries
most people like to read the words they know
Th' inspiréd poet isn't polyglot
in his brain one tongue is all he's got
e'en stol'n from th' celts his muse remains his queen
O bard your solo readings make me mock
I nominate you as a gapingstock
the metromaniacs outdo Racine


JAMAICA : from Talk / Kwame Dawes

You, August, have carried in your belly
every song of affront your characters
have spoken, and maybe you waited
too long to howl against the night,
but each evening on some wooden
stage, these men and women,
learn to sing songs lost for centuries,
learn the healing of talk, the calming
of quarrel, the music of contention,
and in this cacophonic chorus,
we find the ritual of living.


SACHSEN Entpuppung / Barbara Köhler

Ich habe das Sagen nicht. Ich lasse es
mir gesagt sein mir gefallen Wendungen
die verwandeln die EinRichtung zwischen
verrückten Wänden in ungehörige Räume
eine Fremde in der ich die Fremde bin
eine Stimme die sich der Sprache gibt
Klangkörper beim Wort genommen wachsen
mir Hände zu begreifen beschwören wenn
ich zum Wort stehe steht es mir zu dir
entgegen kommt es und geht zwischen uns
die Rede die Stille ein Raum, gelassen.


SUSSEX : from Rhetorical questions / Hugo Williams

And how do you think I like it
when you tell me what to do
and your mouth opens
and you look straight through me?
Do you think I mind
when the blank expression comes
and you set off alone
down the hall of collapsing columns?

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