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Einen Schub für Sachsen

PSTC 2014, Heat 4 - "Ett lyft för Sachsen"
Jag delade inte ut någon språklig fyra den här gången. Däremot gav jag Torild Wardenaer, Lag Rogaland, 3 språkpoäng för dikten "Av nåde". I den lyckas han länka samman raderna genom alliterationer på bokstaven N.

om natten

et mørkt nedfall

av nåde,

av uglers nærvær


i en hvilende trekkfugls nebb

Gårdagens sjua och den högsta totalpoängen gick till Christian Lehnert för den vackra dikten om en vårvinterdag. Tyska språket blir som allra mest poetiskt när rim, rytm och betydelse finner samklang. Det var Goethe en mästare på. Lehnert lyckas väldigt bra.

Därmed tog Lag Sachsen (Saxony in English) ledningen i heat 4.

Vapen för Freistaat Sachsen

Team Content Language Day 1
Sachsen (Saxony, Germany) 7 2 9
Yukon (in Canada) 6 2 8
Rogaland (in Norway) 5 3 8
Sussex (in England) 4 1 5
Normandie (Normandy, France) 3 0 3
Själland (Zealand, Denmark) 2 1 3
Jamaica 1 0 1


Andra dagen tar kärlekstemat vid.

SUSSEX : from Model in love / Claire Booker

There will be time enough to tell him
that she has let herself go.
From her billowing window she dreams
of a cluttered atelier:
turps, clay, clatter of wire-cutters,
plaster of Paris, misses
how he came again and again
simply to touch
the intelligent slope of her shoulder.

Other arms have circled her since.
Though lovers pluck her
as they might a courgette flower
(for taste and decoration)
still she knows that a girl should be free


SACHSEN : aus Hingebung / Volker Braun

Wie der Sommer kommt!
Die Abende sind warum und lang.
Ich bin ganz ruhig. Wir sitzen im Gesträuch

Reden uns aus uns heraus.
In seinen Gedanken plötzlich
Finde ich meine.

Die Wiesen liegen in ihrem Duft
Der strömt durch uns durch.
Die Bäume stehen in seltsamen Gruppen
Wie Liebende. Sie werden ganz dunkel.
Ich küß ihn, er küßt mich vom Fuß zur Stirn
Nehm ich nun ein.


NORMANDIE : from They go heads bowed / Jude Stefan

They go heads bowed on their agreement
            they exchange gestures
            press each other's feet in secret
            and sleep for each other
from the height of their tears to their forgiveness
                     they enchant each other
each Tuesday with a path of ivy and slowness
                       barely touching
                       then madly mouth to mouth
pressing her lips he tightens her scarf
             black as sex and blood red


JAMAICA : from From Aunt Rose’s Honey Advice / Lorna Goodison

Feed it to your love
from a deep silver spoon.
Throw open the curtains
draw free honey from the moon.

Use it to lend a gold glow
to wan lustreless skin.
Fold it into honey cakes,
drizzle it into honey drinks.

Add a satin honey glaze
to the matte surface of everydays.
Voices sing polished
with honey’s burnishing.


YUKON : Seasonal Adjustments / Clea Roberts

So many things grow 

Garlic in the kitchen.
Crocus in the compost.

And love, it waits in the cupboard
with the potatoes
its eyes exploding with flowers.


SJÄLLAND : from Human Arms / Marianne Larsen

"We put our arms around each other
a pair of ordinary tax-paying human arms
not to rest them
but to harden them
a pair of ordinary concrete-accustomed
and marketed human arms
a pair of ordinarily needing
a par of ordinarily hugging
human arms
we put them around each other
they are health-insured and ordinarily dressed
a pair of ordinarily love-interpreting
human arms


ROGALAND : from Tir n'a Noir (in english) / Kolbein Falkeid

It’s a cold November
As the sea crashes in 
But I still do remember 
Though the memry grows dim 
To a magical summer 
With sweet Mary McKear 
In the west in Tirna Noir

Were you there as a dream 
Though it all seems so real 
With the laughter I hear and the touch I can feel? 

Far beyond the horizon 
Where the fog disappears 
You were mine dear Mary McKear

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