måndag 14 juli 2014

Puerto Rico och Yorkshire hann med det första tåget

Första dagen av heat 2, PSTC 2014, tog dikterna oss genom fattigdomen och fram till en liten kommun i södra Frankrike. 

Sjupoängaren gick till Manuel Rivas, Lag Galicien, för dikten om den egenartade cafébesökaren. Det var lite Jack Nicholson över den karaktären. De språkliga toppoängen tilldelades Donald Davie, Lag Yorkshire, för det härliga flödet och den snygga övergången mellan verserna i hans dikt om den franska kommunen Rodez.

At the door of a low inn scaled like a urinal

With greenish tiles. The door gave, and I came

Home to the stone north, every wynd and snicket


Lag Yorkshire fick totalt 8 poäng. Det fick också Lag Puerto Rico och Naomi Ayala för dikten Poverty. Så vi har delad ledning efter första dagen.

Puerto Rico

Lag Innehåll Språk Day 1
Puerto Rico 6 2 8
Yorkshire 4 4 8
Galicien 7 0 7
Harlem 5 2 7
Dublin 3 3 6
Baskien 2 1 3
Färöarna 1 0 1


Andra dagens tema är Poesi och Skrivande.

BASKIEN : from Let’s break the chain / Gabriel Aresti

Because I am a poet,
I don't expect any heaven.
I have nine songs,
Four serious and five crazy.

The horns of the moon
And the twigs that from it hang.
I cannot forget
Your clear eyes.


HARLEM : from These Poems / June Jordan

These poems
they are things that I do
in the dark
reaching for you
whoever you are
are you ready?

These words
they are stones in the water
running away


YORKSHIRE : from An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations / Simon Armitage

I should resist this degrading donkey-work in favor of my own
wherein contentment surely lies.
But A. Smith stares smugly from the reverse of the twenty pound
and when my bank manager guffaws,
small particles of saliva stream like a meteor shower
through the infinity of dark space
between his world and mine.


PUERTO RICO : from I care about whichever word / Louis Reyes Rivera

Even in the repetition
a word
means just as much to me
as morning's mist to dawn
the ease with which


FÄRÖARNA : ur Jeg vil have ordentlige drömme (i norsk översättning) / Jóanes Nielsen

Jeg er blevet mer og mer allergisk over for det pæne.
Duftende poesi byder mig imod.
Jeg vil hellere have ord, der stinker.
Ordene skal springe som gnister i defekte kontakter.
Jeg kan bedst lide blomster, der vokser i våd jord
ved septiktanke.


GALICIEN : from Love Song / María Do Cebreiro

And so the poem
can escape from the page
you must hold your breath,
think long and hard
about Spinoza,
write words of love
in another language,
quote without reference to sources,
try to find out
who Jack Johnson was,
recite in the French of Montreal,
say a long verse
without knowing exactly
what it means,


DUBLIN : The Lady of the Poets / Patrick Kavanagh

You I have long known
In tree and stone
And in all sealed tongues
Of sympathy. How many songs
Of secret self have you heard - 
Pitiful prayers that dared
Not turn to High
Heaven for mercy?

You have listened to the great,
And yet you wait
To comfort me
In my lone house of poetry.

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