måndag 7 juli 2014

Ingen bitterhet hos ledande Cypern

Första tävlingsdagen av PSTC 2014 bjöd på gnagande galla och bitterhet. Helt enkelt underbara dikter på temat kroppen. Poängutdelningen var ganska jämn, ingen dikt fick mer än 8 poäng.

Sju poäng gick till 1500-talspoemet av Joachim du Bellay, Lag Loire, för det sätt den kämpar mot hopplösheten. Men språkligt gav den mig inte så mycket. Språkvirtuos under första dagen blev istället Evelyn Lau, Lag Vancouver. I högsta grad på grund av raderna:
you are chewing me up from the inside,
your constant gnawing, your spastic contortions
bruising the liver, sending its gamma readings soaring

Högst totalpoäng fick emellertid Cypern och Kyriakos Charalambidis för dikten "Kroppens bitterhetslära".


Lag Innehåll Språk Totalt
Cypern 5 3 8
Vancouver 3 4 7
Loire 7 0 7
Kosovo 6 0 6
Zuid-Holland 4 1 5
Åland 2 2 4
Sicilien 1 0 1


Tema för andra dagen är: Språk

KOSOVO : from When will you speak out, Ali Podrimja / Ali Podrimja

In the fashionable part of Europe you are an Albanais
In Italy an Arbëresh in Greece an Arvanitas
In Turkey elhamdulillah an Arnaut
In America canned meat
             and nothing else
             nothing else

Who knows how many languages your God speaks

And you remain silent Ali Podrimja

             you still believe
             in mankind

But but

When will you speak out good man
Or must you first be born

Why does the moss cover your roof


ÅLAND : ur Ljusflagor / Jan Andersson

Språkets minnen,
blåa linjer där isen förut
låg förtöjd,
torra spant mot tungan.

Ordens goda lukt.

Språng iklädda sten.

VANCOUVER : from The Present / Lisa Robertson

Someone stands and weeps in the glass telephone theatre
Someone sits and murmurs
This dog that swims in toxic Latin
Licks his Latin paws
This is the middle of my life
Bringing with me my skin
I go to the library

How will I recognize disorder?


CYPERN : from When you return to Ashtarak / Nora Nadjarian

sing sing and wake up the stones
the souls of the dead the river the skies
sing to those red and orange birds in our language
sing those bittersweet words and proud refrains
to show them you remember who you are

stand on the bridge

and listen to the silence of our ancestors
in the marrow of your bones

remember who you are

as you sing to the river Kasakh
when you return

SICILIEN : from Language and dialect / Ignazio Buttitta

A People 
become impoverished 
and servile, 
when taken from them 
the language 
endowed by their fathers: 
is lost forever. 

They become impoverished 

and servile, 
when their words don't 
generate words 
and they canabalize 

ZUID-HOLLAND : from When I can escape my words no longer / Erik Lindner

When I can escape my words no longer

or his voice that robs them of force, sounds, the

child is cut out

for the spreading of her locks

know then 

that seldom

does a hand push and stop.

LOIRE : from Noise / Philippe Beck

Active wish in the bedroom.
Or the speaking Room.
Child is there.
Tom Thumb lives
by his limbs,
that is, the brain.
Mind is a limb.
Child inhabits sometimes the ear
of animals
and steers them.
He imitates them.
He is also the voice of noise.

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