söndag 20 juli 2014

Poetry Slam - Team Contest, Heat 3, Day 1

I tredje heatet deltar Hamburg, Wales, Estland, Rheinland, Island och Oregon. Samt ett kombinationslag som utgår från Europaväg 14. Det innehåller två författare som är födda i Trondheim, plus Beppe Wolgers som levde i Jämtland samt Lars Lidén som varit bosatt i Sundsvall.

Första dagens tema är Kärlek.

HAMBURG : Der Kuss / Wolfgang Borchert

Es regnet - doch sie merkt es kaum,
weil noch ihr Herz vor Glück erzittert:
Im Kuß versank die Welt im Traum.
Ihr Kleid ist naß und ganz zerknittert

und so verächtlich hochgeschoben,
als wären ihre Knie für alle da.
Ein Regentropfen, der zu Nichts zerstoben,
der hat gesehn, was niemand sonst noch sah.

So tief hat sie noch nie gefühlt -
so sinnlos selig müssen Tiere sein!
Ihr Haar ist wie zu einem Heiligenschein zerwühlt -
Laternen spinnen sich drin ein.


WALES : Persephone / Deryn Rees-Jones

Some days it is simple,
the way outside turns to inner - 

the fall towards light,
the pull of the weather.

This is love’s work --

the way I’ve learnt again to slip inside my dreams:

to hold my face up to the rain,
more from one world to another.


ESTLAND : ***[One precious thing in my childhood] / Veronika Kivisilla

One precious thing in my childhood
was a marzipan owl
whom I didn't have the heart
to eat
but one time, I ate it all the same
in a rush of affection and greed
I dug my teeth into
the sweet marzipan
not realizing that
eating a precious thing
is cannibalism
the marzipan owl has remained
my most precious symbol


E14 : Jeg tar deg / Ingrid Storholmen

Jeg tar deg         lar deg
være påtent          Brann
kunne vi sagt
men vi ble helt stille
så stille vi blir
når vi snakker, elsker
et hjerte i to


Rheinland : Secret Love / Clemens Brentano 

Through life unhappy must I go
Without my rights acknowledged;
Banished from love's dear realm
Yet, always with its beauty seen. 

No mere tongue can admit
Or stolen look be sent;
Nor heart that has been declared
Lighten the breast with sighs. 

Comfort I seek in the alien night
When the empty long day has flown,
And entrust to it my secret longing; 

My night is watched throughout in tears
But the long empty day comes once more,
And my love subsides, quietly, into my heart.


ISLAND : From …and the word was Clint / Eirikur Örn Norddahl

A couplet for love
sopped its cheeks with tears
lonesome on a dirty cot,
soiled with last nights stint,
it reeked of lies and
yet it died with ease.


OREGON : Home / Carl Adamshick

You had been gone a few days.
The place went looking for you,

unaware you were returning.

I remained lonely in the evening
when the moon broadcasted

silence through the dust.

My love was once
a faint blue tear
of thin glass glowing
in my chest.

Now my love is you.

It must be three in the afternoon
and I am trying to sleep
on your side of the bed.

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